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1.Joint sealing for roof building, display tables.
2.Installing for all kinds of doors and windows and other purpose.
3.Weatherproofing sealing for metal, aluminum panel.
4.Used for glass assemble and joint and large flat glass or glass daylight roofs
5.Can be used for install most of aluminum-alloy glass, door and window.
6.Can be applied in any season.
7.Cures to a strong, flexible seal capable of withstanding movement in and around the joint.
8.Rapid curing

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Product Description



1) Package: 300ml in cartridge, 24pcs per carton

2) Color: Black, Grey, white or other color on request


Products & Advantages

1.One-part, room temperature, Neutral curing silicone sealant;

2.Fast curing and permanently flexible, waterproof and outstanding weather resistant.


Storage and Usable Life
9 mouths from manufacture date with stored in cool dry location between +5°C and 27°C. Keep away from direct sunlight during storage. 

How to use
Tools: caulking gun,knife
1.Cut the tip on top of the cartridge
2.Screw the nozzle on the top of the cartridge
3.Put the cartridge into the caulking gun

Building Project


1) S680 is RTV-1and medium modulus silicone weatherproofing sealant.

2) Excellent resistance to weather and ultraviolet radiation;

3) Neutral curing at room temperature, on-corrosive to the building materials of metal,     coated glass, concrete, ceramic, etc.


Pre-sale service :

1)  24 hours a day, seven days without a break, service in random order

2)The transaction process,Freight flow transparent,quality assurance,openness fairness impartiality ,Every step you won't fault,Our professional degree just let you to get more intimate service.

Factory Equipment
Sales Service
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